The wonderfully versatile Steel side hinged garage doors option offers a solution to so many problems and provide opportunities not possible with other types of garage doors. 

We have seen a marked increase in the number of requests for side hung traditional garage doors over the last few years. Many people have realised the practicality for busy lifestyles where the garage is NOT being used for a vehicle and frequent access is required as the garage is used as a large storeroom for bikes, toys, etc and very often freezers or laundry facilities as well as workshops, gyms or general room.

Beaumont SH
Beaumont with windows SH
Cathedral SH
Georgian SH
Carlton SH
Quality Garage Doors, Perfectly Matched, Perfectly Priced.
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Everything starts with an idea

These doors represent the best, not only in looks, but also in terms of safety, security and durability. No doubt that, in years to come, you will still be as happy with your Side-hinged garage door as the day it is installed.

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