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Sectional garage doors are fast becoming one of the most popular and practical choices for a safe, secure and easy to use versatile garage door system. They are called sectional garage doors because they open and close in separated individual panel sections, operating vertically without any swing out from the structural opening and tracking mechanism at all. Because of this operation it enables us to install to almost any shape of garage opening i.e. arched, angled corners, etc

The right garage door has a great impact on the curb appeal of your home. Wayne Dalton offers you a wide selection of garage door designs, colors, materials, windows and accessories that best compliment your home

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Why Choose A Sectional Door?

Whether you build a house, or just renovate, you will probably need a garage door, and our recommendation is to opt for a sectional garage door. Here are some advantages of this type of doors:

save space

Sectional garage doors open vertically dragging parallel to the ceiling, which allows you to gain space in front of and inside the garage.

Engineered to withstand

All sectional doors are Engineered to withstand all kinds of heat, cold, wind and rain, sectional garage doors are built to cope with the worst and some times the best great British weather has to throw at them.

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